Webinar-01"Intellectual Property Rights"

(4th October, 2021 - 5th October, 2021)

SW-18 "Techniques of Proofreading"

(18th September, 2021 - 18th September, 2021)

SW-16 "New Initiatives in examination and evaluation by University of Delhi"

(10th July, 2021 - 10th July, 2021)

SW-15 "OBE: Examination & Evaluation"

(22nd June, 2021 - 22nd June, 2021)

SW-14 "The art of taking advantage: Fungal and Human Opportunism"

(14th June, 2021 - 14th June, 2021)

SW-13 "Social Networking : The Gen Z Power Recruitment Tool"

(27th February, 2021 - 28th February, 2021)

SW-12 "Plant Science Research: Relevance, Funding, Challenges and Opportunities"

(15th January, 2021 - 16th January, 2021)

SW-11 "Essentials of Writing High Quality Paper: A View from an Editor and Reviewer"

(28th August, 2020 - 28th August, 2020)

SW-10 "Three Days Webinar On Shift in Paradigm: Online Education"

(9th June, 2020 - 11th June, 2020)

SW-9 "Myths and Truths of Fitness and Corrective Exercises for Various Body Deformities"

(12th May, 2020 - 13th May, 2020)

SW-8 "Three day Webinar on Covid-19: Challenges and road ahead"

(7th May, 2020 - 9th May, 2020)

SW-7 "Webinar on Stress Management during Covid-19 Phase"

(1st May, 2020 - 3rd May, 2020)

SW-6 "One Day Webinar on Leadership Role in Uncertain Times"

(30th April, 2020 - 30th April, 2020)

SW-5 "One Day Webinar On Teachers and Technology: The Road Ahead"

(25th April, 2020 - 25th April, 2020)

SW-4 "National Leadership Summit “Excellence in Higher Education: Current Challenges and the Road Ahead”

(6th December, 2019 - 7th December, 2019)

SW-3 "Personal Financial And Tax Planning (One Day Workshop)"

(16th November, 2019 - 16th November, 2019)

SW-2 "Workshop on Soft Skill Development in New Age Teaching"

(19th October, 2019 - 19th October, 2019)

SW-1 "Draft New Education Policy, 2019"

(10th August, 2019 - 10th August, 2019)